Project dates: 06/26/2014 - 07/06/2014
Project type:
Volunteer group: PCTA
Agency: Inyo National Forest: Mammoth Ranger District
Crew leader Bill Carter
Elevation (ft) 7,600 ft
Project description: While the needs of the USFS will guide the work type, this may include log out with crosscut saws, tread work, and fencing for USFS Administrative Pastures. A 2-3 day wilderness pack trip to clear other forest trails may occur based on the ability of individuals. Work for all ability levels will be available - all that's required is a happy, helpful attitude!
Previous trail maintenance experience required: No
Fitness level: Moderate: This project is suitable for individuals in good physical condition who participate in a semi-exercise routine. Most people who are physically active can participate at this level. The components of this project may include one or more of the following: hiking 1-5 total miles each day, elevation change of 1000 ft or less over the course of the hike, and moderately physical work activities.
Notes about fitness level required: Hiking distances and work will vary based on participants experience, ability, and interest.
Total hiking miles per day: between 2-14 miles
Camping type:
Camping notes: Car, tent, or RV camping is available for free, or cabins are available at the Red's Meadow Pack Station and Resort for a fee. (For more information, visit
Other notes about project: Food, tools, and training will be provided. Feel free to join for all or part of the project. Nearby attractions include Devil's Postpile, Rainbow falls, and the San Joaquin River.
Contact/how to register: PCTA Volunteer Programs at (916) 285-1838 or email or for questions concerning project details, call Bill Carter at (760) 872-7511 or (760) 937-0883.